How to take screenshots in android studio?

How to take screenshots in android studio?

If you need to take your app’s screenshots in android studio, if you come to the right place. Because in this short article, we are going to see how we can take our app’s screenshots using android studio.

Screenshots are really helpful as we need to use them for our Google app’s listing. That shows the potential users, how our app is going to look.

Open Android Studio

The very first you are going to do, is open by your Android Studio. If you have an icon on the desktop, open from there, or you can go to Start, look for Android Studio and press Enter. I am using Android Studio Dolphin. You can open whatever version you have.

If you want to install Android studio, you can download via this link. Current android studio version is Flamingo, but it should work well for this article.

Once your android studio is up and running, you need to go ahead and click More Actions and then Click on Virtual Device Manager. Another window opens up, and now you need to select your virtual machine. I am using Resizable API 33 Virtual Machine. Now under the actions tab, click on the Play Icon, which will open up your virtual device.

Now if you don’t have a virtual machine already selected, you can go to Virtual Device Manager, select Create device on top left corner, and search for Resizable, next and Finish. This will create a virtual device for you.

Run your app

Now go ahead and run any of your app, that you are working on, or have worked on before. I opened up my Offline Body Tools App, which you can install via this link, and give some reviews. Maybe 😉

Btw, if you forgot, in order to run your React native app, you need to go to your app’s main folder, open cmd and type or copy/paste the following:

npx expo start
Running expo app - taking screenshots

Taking screenshots

Once you app loads up, you can press a and it will run the app on your virtual device. Just make sure that your virtual device is also running, otherwise it is going to throw an error.

App running in android studio - taking screenshots

In order to take screenshots, all you need to do it press the camera icon on your android studio. This will capture your app’s screen, which by default saves on Desktop.

Change location for screenshots

If you want to change location for your screenshots, you can press the 3-dots icons at the bottom of your android studio. It will open up a settings page. From there, you can go to
Settings -> Change Screenshot save location to your desired location.


A nice and simple article on how to take screenshots.

Leave comments if you find it helpful.

Happy coding.

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