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Windows shortcut keys

Windows keyboard shortcut keys are keys that when combined with other keys allow you to do task almost immediately. The shortcuts keys are faster than using a mouse, because you already have both of your hands on the keyboard. It saves time and allow you to focus on more important tasks.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Win + D:

If you visit your desktop couple of times while working, this shortcut will come in handy. It allows you to switch between your active screen to desktop and from your desktop to your last opened screen.

Win + E:

This shortcut allows you to open up your explorer without leaving your hands from the keyboard.

Win + I:

Opens the windows settings.

Win + L:

If you need to quickly lock your computer screen, this is the right keyboard shortcut for you. It allows you to quicky lock your computer screen. Make sure you have set Password, otherwise anyone can access your computer.

Win + Home:

This shortcut closes all of your windows, except the active one. 2

Win + [number]:

This shortcut opens up the window, in the same order that it is pinned to the taskbar.

Window shortcuts

For example, if you want to open VLC player, you will need to press Win + 3 to open up the VLC.

Alt + Esc | Alt + Tab:

This switches between windows on taskbar.


If you want to quickly rename your file, you will need to press F2, while the file you want to rename is selected.

Alt + F4:

Closes the window. It may ask your permission, if you have some unsaved work.

Alt + Arrow key:

Allows you to move forward or backward in windows explorer.

Shift + Delete:

If you want your file to be permanently deleted, without going in the Recycle bin, you need to press Shift + Delete, in order to delete the file permanently.


Switches between Full Screen and normal window size.


F5 quickly refreshes the web browser.

CTRL Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + E:

Opens up the search window of your active web browser or window.

Ctrl + N:

Opens or create a new window, document or file.

Ctrl + T:

This shortcut allows you to open a new webpage in your web browser. The web browser needs to be active.

Ctrl + W:

Closes the current window, or tab.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc:

Open up the task manager.

Opens up task manager
Opens up task manager

Ctrl + [number]:

This shortcut allows you to quickly switch between your browser window tabs.

Ctrl + mouse wheel scroll:

This shortcut provides zoom in zoom out functionality. Works in most programs.

Ctrl + A:

Select all the items or select all the text on a page.

Ctrl + F:

Quickly find using Text.

Ctrl + O:

Opens up a file.

Ctrl + P:

Open up the print window.

Ctrl + Z:

Undo the last action. Works like Stack. Last action gets undo, then the second last one, and so on.


Using these windows shortcuts, you can work efficiently without leaving your keyboard. You can get work done relatively quickly, if you use these shortcuts, instead of using your mouse to do these task.

Which shortcuts do you use most?